Raynor Hammerdeep

Dwarven prospector


Raynor Hammerdeep is a dwarven prospector from the city of Mirabar. He’s somewhat thin for a dwarf, but the ropy muscles of his arms speak to long years of hefting a pickaxe in his family’s silver mines. Raynor is normally friendly and talkative, and always seems to have a story or tidbit of local history to share. He’s traveled widely in the North and is known among other prospectors as a fair and honest dealer.

Trey Dellagato met Raynor on the docks in Leilon when the dwarf was haggling with an ore merchant over the price of silver ore. Trey offered Raynor a more profitable deal, and the two sealed the bargain over a mug of ale. When the dwarf shared his family’s history in the region, Trey invited Raynor back to Silvertop Hold to review a map he’d found in his great-grandfather’s adventuring journals. Raynor was astounded to see that the map pointed to the location of the Spellforge, the legendary location where his family earned their clan name. Trey hired Raynor to take the map and find the Spellforge, offering to sponsor the re-opening of the site once it was secured. Thus began the events of the Friend in Need Campaign…

Raynor was captured by the Cragmaw Clan and suffered gravely while in their care. During his imprisonment, his left hand was severed and sent with a ransom note to Trey. Though he was eventually rescued and healed by the PCs, Raynor is unable to work a mine in his current state.

Though Trey’s map was taken by the Silver Spider, Raynor was able to use a map owned by Sister Garaele to pinpoint the location of the Thundering Cavern (and the Spellforge). He led the PCs to the cavern’s entrance, then turned back to Three Stones, promising to alert others to their location in case they don’t return…

Raynor Hammerdeep

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