Thundering Cavern

According to legend and rumor, the Spellforge is located within the Thundering Cavern.

The location takes its name from the booming “thunder” that echoes through it every few minutes. The source of this noise is unknown.

The Thundering Cavern is referred to by multiple sources, almost all of which are dwarven in origin.

  • Sister Garaele possesses an ancient dwarven map given to her by the Harpers that shows the Thundering Cavern located in the Sword Mountains, southeast of the settlement of Vandolin.
  • The Journal of Runar Rattlebones refers to the Thundering Cavern as the location of the Spellforge.
  • The dwarf prospector Raynor Hammerdeep recognized the Thundering Cavern on the map owned by Trey Dellagato and knew it to be the rumored location of the Spellforge. Trey hired him to find it and asked the PCs to accompany Raynor and Sildar Highwinter to secure the location.
  • Both maps noted above show the Thundering Cavern to be south of Bladebreaker Falls and north of the Daggers.

Thundering Cavern

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