Halia Thornton

Three Stones Miner's Exchange Guildmistress


“She won’t give you a silver if nine coppers will do.” – Raynor Hammerdeep

Halia Thornton has been the guildmistress of the Three Stones Miner’s Exchange since the previous autumn. She came to the village from Yartar (to the east along the Triboar Trail) during the summer, and took over the Miner’s Exchange when the previous guildmaster died of fever. Halia has long red hair and fair skin, and always sounds like she’s mocking whoever she’s speaking with.

Halia has a good eye for precious metals, gems, and minerals, and drives hard bargains when purchasing ore and nuggets from local prospectors. She seems quite smart, but her forceful tone and brusque manner win her few friends. When angered, her curses would make the saltiest sailor blush. Halia isn’t easily intimidated, a trait that serves her well in her daily dealings with the hard-bitten men who prospect in the hills south of Three Stones.

Halia Thornton

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