Iarno Albrek - The Glass Staff

Sly wizard leader of the Bloodcoats in Three Stones


The wizard Iarno Albrek led the Bloodcoats in Three Stones under the moniker “The Glass Staff”. A human in his late forties, Iarno keeps his thinning hair cropped close and his dark beard neatly groomed. He puts on airs of gentility, referring to his ruffians as “my good gentlemen” and speaking of their various acts of murder, theft, arson, and thuggery as “unfortunate events” or “unpleasantness”. Despite this demeanor, he seems to revel in power, and responds harshly when he feels his authority is challenged.

Iarno was a member of the Lords’ Alliance who had been tasked with establishing a constabulary in Three Stones. He knows some of the key players within that organization, and also crossed paths with Sildar Highwinter, who had himself been an agent of the Alliance.

Iarno had already started organizing the Bloodcoats when he was contacted by the Silver Spider. The Spider brokered an alliance between the Bloodcoats and the Cragmaw Clan, and helped Iarno develop the operation to repackage and redistribute goods on behalf of the Wavesilver Trading Company. Iarno maintained the system while keeping control of Three Stones.

Iarno Albrek - The Glass Staff

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