The Silver Spider

Mysterious and sinister agent


The Silver Spider is known by reputation along the northern Sword Coast, though few can say they have met the person. He (popular opinion holds that the Spider is male) maintains a web of contacts and agents throughout the region, and is most often hired by those wishing to achieve their aims by any means necessary.

The Silver Spider’s current employer is unknown, but has stated an interest in destroying the Dellagato family. It is for this reason that the Silver Spider orchestrated the ambush and capture of Raynor Hammerdeep, and the theft of Trey’s map to the Spellforge. The Spider is committed to securing the Spellforge on his employer’s behalf.

The Spider has established connections to the Cragmaw Clan and to the Glass Staff and his Bloodcoats. Further, he orchestrated an alliance between these two parties to raid caravans in the area and repackage the stolen goods to be sold on behalf of the Wavesilver Trading Company.

The Spider has employed doppelgängers (the PCs encountered and killed one named Verith) as agents/ messengers.

The PCs encountered the Silver Spider within the Spellforge and struck a bargain with him. They agreed to partner in the destruction of the Spellforge’s guardians. In return, the Spider would secure the Spellforge on behalf of his employer, but would secretly route some of the created magic items to Trey Dellagato for him to sell. To further sway the PCs, the Spider noted that he was the only one who knew the incantation to unlock the Spellforge (taken from Trey’s stolen map).

After the group defeated the guardians and the Spider activated the Spellforge, the PCs reneged on the deal and attacked the Spider. He managed to escape, but vowed that the PCs would regret betraying him.

The Silver Spider

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