Rumors and legends speak of a wondrous forge built atop a natural rift in the fabric of the Weave. Here, the finest dwarven craftsmen joined with learned human and elven wizards to channel and bind raw magical energy into exquisite weapons, armor, and other fantastic implements. This place – the Spellforge – was a source of wealth and power for the ancient kingdom of Phalorm, for the great blades and unbreakable shields created in the Spellforge enabled the kingdom’s heroes and armies to quickly expand and secure their borders. The rulers of Phalorm kept the location of the Spellforge a closely-guarded secret, for they feared what destruction would be wrought if its power fell into the hands of monsters or tyrants.

Alas, the Spellforge was lost with the rest of that great empire during the Breaking of the Three Crowns. Some great calamity is said to have closed the entrance to the forge, for none have been able to locate its whereabouts in the hundreds of years since Phalorm’s fall. It is rumored to lie somewhere within the Sword Mountains, south of Neverwinter Wood, but that terrain is so rugged and treacherous that few dare to explore it, and fewer still return. Of course, the tales speak of vast riches that remain trapped within the Spellforge when the entrance was sealed, and greater still would be the wealth and power of those who could rekindle the forge’s fires, and establish a new source for enchanted arms and armor along the Sword Coast…

Trey Dellagato believes that a map he found within one of his great-grandfather’s old adventuring journals points to the Spellforge’s location. He has recruited the dwarven prospector Raynor Hammerdeep to find the Spellforge, and has asked his dearest friends to help secure the location. Trey hopes to rekindle the Spellforge as a means to restore the wealth and prestige of his family’s business, Moorguard Mercantile.

According to various sources, the Spellforge is believed to lie within the Thundering Cavern.


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